Why visit the exhibition with your students?

Van Gogh Alive is for students of all schools and all ages: the emotions transmitted by the color and the power of the screens will leave a deep impression even among the youngest. The Exhibition is also an excellent educational journey: facing the world of art, culture and emotions in a new and exciting way. Stimulate creativity, convey important messages and learn interactively, all immersed in a wonderful world of sounds and colors!


  • Master an important artistic movement

  • Knowledge of an art exhibitor

  • The importance of respecting the environment

  • The relationship between man and nature

  • The relationship between man and society

  • Color and drawing techniques

  • Acceptance of differences

In addition, in the interactive rooms, you can:

  • Stimulate student creativity

  • Learn drawing techniques

  • Develop everyone's artistic skills


Prices and special offers:


Tickets: CHF 10.- per person

For accompanying teachers, admission is free for up to 2 people.


For schools, the exhibition is available outside the opening hours to the public, by reservation only, by writing to the e-mail address info@vangoghlausanne.ch.


The Exhibition is presented in french, english and italian.


Duration of the visit:  about 1 h et 30 minutes.