Riproduzione camera di Vincent van Gogh ad Arles

Vincent's room in Arles


To complete the exhibition, a real reproduction of the famous work "Bedroom in Arles" (1888), where Vincent Van Gogh had taken refuge physically and emotionally during his stay in Arles.


Thanks to this painting, rich in colors and with a particular structure of composition, the artist manages to sum up perfectly, through the furniture, all the elements which represent it and which tell, even better than the self-portraits, the inner psychological life and his most secret private part.

sala di disegno Van Gogh

Drawing Room

The lounge allows the visitor to immerse himself even more in the art of Van Gogh: here, in fact, it is possible to attend freehand drawing video lessons and technical tutorials, and also to practice directly on special whiteboards, to instantly create a personalized version of the Dutch master's works.